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...where logic has no meaning.

mindcollision///icon community
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- where logic has no meaning.

you are welcome to join the community and view the posts which have now all been locked.
logic_less will be posting icons, graphics, fic and other media at kandyscene from now on.
if you take anything from this community though, please continue to follow the rules below.

1. CREDIT mindcollision
2. Comment if you take anything, even if it's an old post.
3. Do not Hotlink. Upload everything on to your own host.
4. Don't alter, repost or redistribute the graphics.
5. Don't use the graphics for icons or to make graphics of your own.
6. Original images are only shared with community members.

If you want to search by a particular subject, use the tag list or the memories.

candymuse; cheekygeeky; doublespace; kissul8r
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If you like what you see, please join the community!
And spread the word about mindcollision!
It's good for your karma ;) ♥

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